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An Electric vehicle charging at a charge point backed by EVesto Charge point management software

EVesto by Longship.io

As the electric vehicle industry approaches a critical turning point, marked by the anticipated exponential growth and widespread adoption by 2035, the need for robust EV charging infrastructure has become paramount.

In 2020, the co-founders Riccardo, Sebastian, and Tom established Longship.io while collaborating on developing an EV-cloud solution at their previous employer. However, due to a reorganization that resulted in their departure, they seized the opportunity to create their own company. Their primary objective was to collaborate on developing exceptional Software as a Service Product, specifically targeted towards the EV market, to expedite the energy transition.

In 2023, Longship.io’s Charge Point Management Software rebranded and emerged as EVesto, a name encompassing its new identity and direction. Over the course of three years, EVesto garnered the trust of numerous esteemed clients thanks to its dedication to providing top-quality services. During this period, the co-founders reunited with their former CIOs, who remained actively involved in the EV market. Together, they devised a comprehensive plan to develop a product that complemented each other’s expertise while offering a compelling value proposition.

Since its inception, EVesto has remained committed to advancing its technology, ensuring seamless integration of EV charging into the business models of their B2B customers. Their goal is to offer a convenient, scalable, and highly profitable solution that enables businesses to effectively navigate the evolving EV landscape. With a firm belief in the potential of the electric vehicle industry, EVesto empowers its clients to embrace upcoming opportunities and contribute to the energy transition in a meaningful way.

Our Values


Passionate & Joyful

We are a small, passionate, and joyful team of specialists who are driven by the innovation and revolution of EV charging.


Applying knowledge

We have extensive knowledge of the EV industry and are driven to solve business problems for our clients by building cutting-edge tech solutions.



We are committed to making charge points more accessible and easier to manage through transparency and reducing costs.

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